PERSAS has been providing firearm training to the public since early 2006.We are accredited as an OHS and Security Training Service Provider and are able to assist in the skills programs and training courses available from SASSETA.

All PERSAS training programs are registered skills programs with SASSETA. Training and are conducted at our offices in Pretoria and we can assist in all training requirements nationally through our training affiliates.

 We offer training solutions to owners of security companies who endeavor to qualify them and their employees within the Security Industry.

 The following registered skills programs are available as short term courses:

  • Patrol Security Officer (SASSETA E) – Old Grade “E” PSIRA

NQF Level 3/4 and Total Credit 39

  • Access control Officer (SASSETA D) – Old Grade “D” PSIRA

NQF Level 3/4 and Total Credit 35

  • Asset & reaction Officer (SASSETA C) – Old Grade “C” PSIRA

NQF Level 3/4 and Total Credit 39

  • Events Management

NQF Level 2/3/4 and Total Credits 44

  • Retail Security Officer

NQF Level 4 and Total Credit 8

  • National Key Point Security Officer

 NQF Level 3/4.

The following course is available as a long term skills program:

National Certificate: General Security Practices  or National Certificate: Specialist Security Practices

–        NQF Level 5

(The qualification obtained is equal to a diploma from a higher education and training practice)

 Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment

Recognition of Prior Learning Assessments can also be conducted for all SASSETA security training courses in order to assist in the conversion process from the old PSIRA grading system to the new SASSETA skills programs.


SASSETA Accreditation and Psira Registration:

To see Persas Protection's accreditation at SASSETA, click here.  This link will take you to the SASSETA website.

We are registered at Psira.  Click here to visit the Psira website.  Once you're there, find a block on the right hand side of the page, with the heading "Registration Enquiries".  Tick the "Company" option.  Now, enter "979012" in the "Psira Number" field.  Click on "Submit".  The next page that opens will show Persas Protection's registration details at Psira. 

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